Life Puzzle Wholeness Tips
“Piece by piece to create peace”

You may not have been taught, but you can teach your SELF and frankly, you’re going to have to if you want a whole and dynamic life. The good news—it’s not that difficult and since you’re on the planet anyway—why not give it a try?!

Below are numerous videos discussing how to build your Life Puzzle. This is what I’ve taught clients for more than 20 years and now you have access to it as a SELF-guided learning project—enjoy!

Life Puzzle Video Index

Welcome to the Life Puzzle video Index. Life Puzzle videos that are available on the YouTube channel @IamLifePuzzle.

Self-guided Life Puzzle making—

My goal @IamLIfePuzzle is to enable you to teach your SELF how to put together a whole and dynamic life—your Life Puzzle. The reality is that despite 12-16 years of schooling, very little time is spent teaching you how to build strong boundaries, and a whole SELF that has the courage to create your life. The good news is—you can teach your SELF!

The videos are Indexed according to the most effective way to teach your SELF to build your Life Puzzle.It is a step-by-step process where each video leads to the next piece of your Life Puzzle and enables you to get the basic foundations completed. This is what I have taught clients over the last 20+ years based on what they told me they needed. Life Puzzle is a universal model—any human can use this as a framework for putting together their life—including you.

The Core sessions: The first 10 sessions are the ones I recommend you watch in sequence.  After that, you can bounce around to any video that hits your fancy and it will add to the foundation you’ve now built! Good luck and good learning. Ann

1. Intro to LP—it’s crazy out there!

2. Where are you on the Wholeness Continuum? 

3. What is a Life Puzzle: 

4. Building the Edges/Creating the SELF: 

5.  Physical Edge: 

6. Emotional Edge: 

7. Thinking edge: 

8. Feeling/Thinking flow and the roots for addictive behavior choices. 

9. Sexual edge: 

10. Spiritual Edge: 

11. Loneliness to Wholeness series:

12. Nutrition, Loneliness and you:

13. Nutrition and Cincinnati Chili

14. Exercise and Loneliness: 

15.Feelings, Loneliness and Wholeness

16. Wholeness is the new wellness: 

17. Communication, Wholeness and Loneliness

18. Thinking, Wholeness and Loneliness


Exercise, loneliness and wholeness

Exercise has so many benefits on an individual level. Regular exercise—even if it is just a daily walk—has tremendous benefits for your body, mind and spirit!  In this video, I share 5 actions you can take that will get you exercising and help you break out of your loneliness too!  Give just one a try and see what happens!

Exercise, Loneliness and Wholeness video

Nutrition, loneliness and wholeness

Nutrition is a cornerstone for building a whole and dynamic life. This is where I got started on my own journey to building a Life Puzzle so I have a special love for this area!  A friend turned me on to the power of good nutrition now it is time for you too.  This video provides 5 actions you can take to grow the nutrition area of your Life Puzzle and break out of your loneliness too.

Nutrition, loneliness and wholeness video


Loneliness to Wholeness series

Loneliness is a serious problem around the world! Suicide rates are skyrocketing and reaching epidemic proportions.  While there is no one size fits all—I’ve decided to tackle loneliness by showing you how to achieve wholeness instead.  During this series I will be going through all of the 16 core areas and the 5 edges that create the SELF and giving you 3-5 actions you can take in any of these areas to combat loneliness and begin to build your wholeness.  These actions are easy for anyone experiencing loneliness to do without spending much money (and in many cases—no money at all) and minimum of anxiety about trying them!

Loneliness to Wholeness series



Is Wholeness the new wellness?

Most of us have heard about wellness but what about wholeness?  Well, decades after the start of the wellness movement, we are beginning to realize that there’s more and wholeness is the next progression.  I’ve been teaching wholeness for 20+ years now, so jump on board!

Is Wholeness the new wellness video