Coaching and Counseling. Guiding you to Wholeness.

Building your Wholeness (Life Puzzle) can sometimes be made a lot easier if you’re working with someone as a guide as you begin to do this. Here at the LPC, I offer a limited number of spaces for individual coaching sessions that can help you get started. I do this using a ‘psycho-educational’ framework—which is just a fancy word for saying I do a lot of information sharing that empowers you to feel confident in your capacities to own your life!

I generally encourage you to commit to 4 sessions and then we re-evaluate what would be next. The goal is to enable you to feel confident in continuing to build your Life Puzzle.

Another option is to use the @Iamlifepuzzle YouTube channel where I have posted a series of sessions that parallel what I do in private work. This is more of a self-directed process, but for many people this is sufficient. I encourage you to do the first 10 in the series because each one builds on the other and by the 10th, you’ll have a good foundation on wholeness and your Life Puzzle.

Either way, you’ll find that in a fairly short amount of time, you’ll have the basics under your belt and can move forward on your own as you continue the on-going, growing journey of Life Puzzle-making!