Welcome to the Life Puzzle Center

We live in very challenging times. The world is changing so fast, it is making it difficult for humans to adjust and find their way. Increasing rates of depression, substance abuse, and suicide make it clear that something is not working right in our world. Many are searching for ways to fit within this very changing world and seeking professional support.

At the Life Puzzle Center, we’ve come to the conclusion that decades of the mental health profession’s focus on disease and disorder, matched with Big Pharma’s quick fix pill solutions have offered clients a very limited set of options for finding solutions in their lives. We’re in more angst than ever and it’s time we called it out and admit—the mainstream path isn’t producing very satisfying outcomes.

We need a new approach and at LPC we start from the premise that Wholeness is the foundation for finding solutions for living in a fast-paced world. This is in direct contrast to the present system that is satisfied simply with reducing symptoms and problems. Wholeness encompasses learning a practical, tangible way of living that will support you throughout your lifetime. It is not about perfection but about being present every day to building your life. It is something you can fall back on time and again as the world spins crazily around you.

If you’re feeling a bit lost right now, we invite you to take a little time and explore this site and learn about Wholeness. Then you can determine if it can offer you a new option for your future in this fast-paced world.

Wholeness Now

What it means in day-to-day life.

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Your Wholeness

How to implement it in your life.

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The change is happening all around you.

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Other places to support your Wholeness.

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