Here you’ll see what others are saying about Wholeness and Life Puzzle making.  These are true stories (names have been changed to protect privacy) of people who have used the Life Puzzle and Wholeness to build their lives.

Fix a problem or create a life?

I had been seeing Doug’s wife, Angela for a few weeks. Married as a teenager and now in her late 30s her life was in turmoil. She was in a marriage that was alternately fun and happy and then marred by her husband’s angry, jealous outbursts. She was trying to expand...

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Tom—why don’t we ever talk about my depression?

Tom came to Life Puzzle coaching after seven years of working with a therapist on his depression. At this point his life had been consumed by depression so significantly that he was unable to work. He was living at home and barely getting through the day. He was...

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