Life Puzzle Wholeness Tips
“Piece by piece to create peace”

You may not have been taught, but you can teach your SELF and frankly, you’re going to have to if you want a whole and dynamic life. The good news—it’s not that difficult and since you’re on the planet anyway—why not give it a try?!

Below are numerous videos discussing how to build your Life Puzzle. This is what I’ve taught clients for more than 20 years and now you have access to it as a SELF-guided learning project—enjoy!

#10. The Spiritual Edge

  1. The spiritual edge is that last edge in the formation of a true and loving SELF. This video explains that when completing this edge, you step in to your own SELF love and the love for others. But to get there requires the other edges be completed too as they all support your Spiritual edge and the capacity to be a loving SELF.  Once all 5 edges are complete, the SELF can fully take responsibility for building your Life Puzzle in the way that is right for you.

The Spiritual edge video


#9. The Sexual Edge

Puberty hits—no one can stop it but almost none of us have been taught how to have a healthy sexual SELF. This video explores how to take back your own power and recognize that your Sexual edge is also dependent on your physical, emotional, and thinking edges too.

The Sexual Edge video


#8. The Feeling/Thinking Flow and the roots for addictive behavior choices.

Our ability to manage our feelings and make good, logical thinking choices is crucial for creating a great life. This is a skill we all need to learn yet, so few do because it simply isn’t taught to most people.  In this video, you’ll see how not learning this in childhood results in a feeling/thinking flow that can get stuck.  And it can lay down the roots for addictive behavior choices we are still using decades later.  But you can learn it now and open the flow and create a great life. It is never to late to open your feeling/thinking flow and create a whole life!

The Feeling/Thinking flow video

#7. The Thinking Edge

We feel first—but immediately after we must make a logical choice—this is how we build our Thinking edge—by learning to make choices and accept the consequences of those choices. In this video you’ll explore how the Thinking edge can get sidetracked and how this impacts your ability to make choices in life. Good . news—it can get back on track!  And for more details, check out Video #8: The Feeling/Thinking flow and the roots for addictive behavior choices.

The Thinking Edge video

#6. The Emotional Edge

We are all emotional beings but not until around age 7 do we begin to learn how to manage our emotions. This is a skill unfortunately that many are not taught, and it has a huge impact on your life. In this video, you’ll discover the joy in managing your emotions and we explore what to do if the Emotional edge has not been completed. And to go deeper into this topic—check out Video #8: The Feeling/Thinking flow and roots for addictive behavior choices.

The Emotional Edge video