Be your own GURU

This is a really important concept here at LPC: You are your own GURU.

We live in a world of celebrities and “experts” all around us. Many people use these celebrities and experts as substitutes for their own lives. They copy cat and/or handover their lives to the experts and do whatever they say instead of trusting their own inner voice and creating their own unique style.

And these celebrities and experts love it! They want you to follow them and keep coming back to them for more. Here at LPC—we want the exact opposite!

We truly believe that you can be your own GURU—you are your own celebrity and expert mixed into one. We want you to use the information you find here in a way that is right for you. And we want you to use it in a way that empowers YOU towards your Wholeness. In the process you realize that you don’t need to look outside to others—but instead, inside to your own inner voice.

Learning to trust your SELF and practicing making choices that are right for your life will result in you realizing you are capable no matter what anyone else has taught you. Yes, we’re happy to work as a team with you but we consider ourselves successful when we can see that you are confident in making the choices that work for you. That may take a little bit of time to achieve, but we are always helping you towards that outcome—you are your own GURU!