Why Wholeness – Why Now?

Because we can and we must. The truth is, we have only just reached a point in the human journey to be able to use Wholeness as a framework for our lives. Up until the last 100 years we didn’t have the information necessary to do this.

But now we do have that information, so let’s begin because our future is dependent on it.

Wholeness addresses the needs of our time.

Recently the United Kingdom created a Minister of Loneliness. Here we are living in a world of technology and the capability to fly to Mars, but something is going terribly wrong here on earth. Record numbers of humans are depressed, anxious and desperately lonely in this incredible technologically capable world. They’re lost and searching for connections—first to SELF and then to others. We cannot ignore this!

Wholeness offers a universal model that anyone can use. You start first with connecting to your own Wholeness and working on building your life (puzzle). But as you do, you’ll also discover it is a way to connect with everyone you meet too.

Wholeness offers a common bond. Wholeness is a language we can understand as a framework for our own lives. But when you realize that framework is also a way to understand others, it helps end the deep separateness that we feel towards each other. Then we can connect together as we support each other in developing lives, families, and communities using Wholeness as the framework.

Instead of loneliness—Wholeness!