How to implement Wholeness in your Life

Here at the LPC, you’ll find books, blog articles and links to videos on Youtube that will show you how Wholeness can be used as a framework for building your life.

We hope to be an information center for Wholeness. Because while you may not have been taught—you can teach your SELF.

My passion is to keep it easy and affordable and possible for anyone to utilize this information and build a whole and dynamic life.

You might start with the book, “Life Puzzle…putting the pieces together”. It is an easy-to-read book that covers all the areas of your Life Puzzle—the five edges and 16 core areas. It’s a nice over-view of wholeness along with some exercises and specific actions to take in your life.

See it on Social Media @Iamlifepuzzle. YouTube has teaching videos while TikTok and Instagram let you know when new videos have been uploaded.

Start with the first 10 videos on YouTube and this will give you the foundation for building your Life Puzzle.

Individual coaching by appointment. I do see a limited number of private clients for a reasonable fee. Please contact me through the site and we can discuss your needs.