Wholeness – What Is It?

Wholeness is one of those terms that capture a big picture of your life while at the same time giving you a way to work on the details that create the big picture.

Wholeness supports you in a life-long, on-going, growing journey. Wholeness is a framework that is based in self-responsibility. It enables you to build a life that is positive, proactive, and empowered with clarity of how all the parts come together to create your unique Wholeness. And best of all, it supports you in your relationships with others, your family, the community and the ever-changing world.

While many of us are familiar with wellness, our goal is to take it one step further into Wholeness. The difference is crucial. Wholeness includes wellness, but it goes much deeper. Wholeness helps you see all the areas of your life that need attention and care. Wholeness provides a framework that enables you to see what you’re doing that’s working but it also helps you see areas that need attention. Using the Wholeness framework helps inform and guide you toward positive, proactive outcomes over your lifetime.

We believe that if everyone were aware of the Wholeness framework, we would have an incredibly different world. Because each person would be able to understand their SELF much better and how to take responsibility for creating their life. But even more importantly, using the Wholeness framework allows us to understand that every other person we meet is potentially a journey of wholeness too. Wholeness is a universal model; every one of us has the same 16 core areas, yet no two of us will put them together in the same way. We all have a common bond and yet, each of us is unique.

The mission and passion at the Life Puzzle Center is to enable Wholeness to take its place as a user-friendly framework for building one’s life. We look forward to the day when the Wholeness framework is something every human is aware of and actively using to guide their life. Right now, we accept that traditional, mainstream systems do not teach Wholeness and we are more than happy to be the Center where that can change.

If you are interested in exploring your Wholeness and all the different areas of your life, welcome to Life Puzzle!