It’s January!  Which means the post-holiday diet-craze has started. Everyone is going to figure out which diet is right for them—the Mediterranean, the Keto diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig—there are lots and lots to pick from. It’s a billion dollar industry and for the most part these diets work….temporarily. Yes, 90% of dieters will lose all the weight they want to lose…..and within one year, they will put it all back on. And next year they’re start all over again. That’s a simple fact that lots of research studies have shown time and time again.

Dieting it about taking something away and it creates an anxiety for most people. They can’t wait to stop the diet so they can get back to their real life. And that’s why next year you’ll have to do it all over again. Because you’re not dieting with wholeness in mind, you’re dieting to get rid of a temporary problem!

Let this year be the year for the Wholeness Diet. A Wholeness Diet isn’t just about what you eat.  A Wholeness diet is about filling your life with:

Exercise for a lifetime

Emotional intelligence so you can manage your feelings

Good information so you can make good choices—in food choices and lots of other things too

Proactive, positive inner voice

Strengthening family bonds

Healthy, intimate relationships

Community connections

Caring for the environment

Play to help reduce stress

Working from your own integrity of what you do

Spending money on things that matter

Dealing with special challenges that come into your life using a proactive response

Love for self and others

Meaning through all the things mentioned above

The Wholeness Diet is so much the opposite of dieting! Instead of taking things away it is about filling up your life up with life! It is so much more fulfilling than dieting because at the end of the year, you’re more whole, more vibrant and more likely to have achieved your goal weight with a toned, healthy body too. It’s about recognizing all of the 16 core areas of your Life Puzzle and filling them with the things you know matter and will result in you becoming stronger!

The Wholeness Diet is about waking up every day to fill your life and becoming the most whole, vibrant and wonderful being you can be. Yes, through the foods you eat—but so many other things too!

To get started on the Wholeness diet, be mindful of the things you put into your body:






Simply ask your SELF as you go through your day—is this what I want to fill my life up with today—whether it is the food I’m about to put in my mouth or a choice to watch this movie or a response to something on social media! If you keep asking your SELF if this adds to your wholeness, you’ll enjoy a year on the Wholeness Diet and discover its something you’ll stay on for life!