Life Puzzle

 Life Puzzle is a way of looking at your life–a framework on which to build a whole and dynamic life. Here you’ll see the 16 core areas, 5 edges that create the SELF.      

Life Puzzle


Look at them thoroughly and you’ll see that despite 12-16 years of schooling–you didn’t learn a lot about many of these areas. For example–most of us graduate high school and do not know how to take financial responsibility for our lives!  Amazing isn’t it? Do you know anyone who doesn’t have to have money? Then why don’t we teach people how to manage this basic necessity in life?  Because when we don’t know how to put these pieces into our life in a proactive way, we tend to ‘jam’ them into our lives any which way.  And that rarely results in the best outcome for our lives.

That’s what led me to create the Life Puzzle. It provides the framework for what you’ll need to know learn so you can take charge of your adulthood and build a life that makes sense to you. It provides the practical, tangible, step-by-step way to discover and learn how to proactively create your life. 

Life Puzzle…putting the pieces together is the book that helps you see the whole while helping you define which individual areas you want to work on now.

Front cover, Life Puzzle

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