Here you’ll find resources—other websites, podcast recommendations, books,  etc., that will bring you more information and connections for building your wholeness.



Yogaglo offers a wide range of yoga classes to fit your needs. At $18 a month, you can access an unlimited number of classes, different yoga styles, classes as short as 10 minutes or as long as 2 hours! What I love about Yogaglo is the variety of teachers, styles, class lengths and the ease of navigating the site to find what you need. There are meditation classes as short as 5 minutes and as long as you want. They offer programs—a series of classes over a few weeks that can be a wonderful way to discipline yourself as you build your yoga practice. They also offer courses that compliment the yoga pathway. Use what you want, ignore the rest but this customizable yoga site will give you plenty to choose from.

Street Yoga

StreetYoga is a community building non-profit organization that helps traumatized youth find healing through yoga and meditation. Explore this site to discover a beautiful group of people who are reaching out to others in need. Discover if Street Yoga is offered in your community. Consider supporting the organization or doing the training yourself so you can help others too. Remember—we are all on a journey to Wholeness—we all have the same 16 core areas, 5 edges that create the SELF. Some of us are fortunate to have a nurturing environment to build our wholeness. But a lot of people do not have this nurturing environment. Street Yoga addresses this reality by reaching into the community of youth who may find themselves on the street and trying to survive due to a host of different reasons that have left them without a nurturing environment.


If you’re interested in exploring new ideas, Sounds True might be a good place to start. Their mission is: To wake up the World. We wake up when we realize that we are interdependent and interconnected with all of life. We wake up when our heart is so overflowing that we devote our lives to being of benefit. When we wake up, we naturally follow our inner sense of purpose and take good care of ourselves, each other and our world.

Web of Debt

Web of Debt is a book by attorney Ellen Brown. This book is a primer on our money system. We are all woefully uninformed about how the money system works. This piece of our Life Puzzle gets ignored. Well, Web of Debt is a fascinating book. By the time you’re done reading it, you’ll have your eyes opened wide and be able to build in this area of your Life Puzzle. It will benefit you immensely.


“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” These seven words come from Michael Pollan. Pollan has written numerous, fascinating books about nutrition but in a nutshell, those seven words say it all. It’s the opposite of what most Americans eat but it is a good primer if you want to focus on your nutrition area. There are thousands of books to read about nutrition and many of them are good. But the bottom line is this—YOU. You have to determine that you’re going to build in this area of your Life Puzzle. And once you do that, then use those seven words as a guide, and design a nutrition lifestyle that supports it.

If you don’t know much about nutrition at all (like, can you name the four food groups? Did you know there used to be seven food groups?) then the best place to get started is reading a few books. Pollan’s books are a good starter library.

  • Omnivore’s Dilemma
  • In Defense of Food
  • Food Rules
  • Cooked (also a Netflix series)
  • The Botany of Desire.

Candace Pert was a groundbreaking scientist who helped prove the science between emotions and the mind/body connection. Her book, “The Molecules of Emotion” provided the scientific basis to understanding how emotions flow (and can get stuck!). Her work was instrumental in how I designed the “Feeling/Thinking flow—the roots for addictive thinking” segment in the Life Puzzle school. She showed that “emotions” are tangible—we can see their action at the cellular level. And once we knew that, we discovered that emotions can be managed too. Check out and read the book, Molecules of Emotion.