Wholeness can mean many things:

Here at Life Puzzle–we’re talking about building a whole life.  A Whole life means recognizing that you are a physical, emotional, thinking, sexual and spiritual being.  Building a Whole life is a conscious effort to honor these 5 dimensions of yourself through daily actions over the course of your life.

Start with the Whole in mind: 

When you start with the Whole in mind–you start at the SELF or personal level.   But then to this each SELF fits into a Whole family.  A Whole family is one where all individuals are building their individual Whole SELF within the framework of the larger family. Each member respects that everyone is a vital component of a Whole family.


Whole families then fit into a Whole Community.  Imagine a community that consciously recognizes the value of every family that lives within the community and every individual within the family.  Every family is unique within the Community just as every individual is unique within the Family.  The common goal is wholeness.

We don’t have Wholeness today….it is not an idea or a concept that the average person uses as a framework for their life, their family, their community etc. But it could be!

But that is our passion here at Life Puzzle–to start changing that.  Our focus is to help you, as an individual to understand the framework for your Wholeness.  From this understanding you can actively engage in build a life that works towards wholeness over the life journey.  From this Whole SELF–family, community, business are shaped too.