The primary mission at Triangle Whole, Well and Good is to make “Wholeness” a visible framework that people can use to build vibrant and dynamic lives.

Right now, only about 15% of the population has an awareness of wholeness as a guiding principle for the way they live.  Mostly this is because it has only been possible in the last 30 years or so to understand Wholeness as a framework. That means the grand majority of people have yet to be exposed to the concept of Wholeness let alone know how to use it in their lives.

Universal model: Wholeness works for everyone.

The beauty of Wholeness is that it is a “Universal model”.  The 16 core areas and 5 edges that create the SELF are a potential within every human on the planet.  Wholeness acts as a guide for what’s necessary in order to create a life that is full and satisfying.

What if the entire world of 7 billion people understood and used wholeness as a framework for building their lives?

This may seem pie in the sky, but really stop and think about this.  If every person you encountered understood wholeness and used it to guide their life, wouldn’t we have a different world than we do now when only 15% are aware?  Yes, we would and that’s the big hoary audacious goal of Triangle Whole, Well and Good–move from 15% to 100%!

Discern, don’t judge.

If every person you meet has the same 16 core areas and 5 edges of Wholeness as you do, then you have an instant connection to them.  Using this Universal framework–you can ask yourself as you encounter another person–how is this person’s Wholeness coming along?  What pieces are they filling in?  What’s still missing?  What do they put into one of their areas that clearly works for them but you would do it differently? It’s not about being judgmental, it is about awareness.

You can use it to discern–does this person use wholeness as a framework or guide for their life?  If yes, how do you see it being exhibited? If no, how will that impact your encounter with them?  It’s a simple way to know the potential of every human on the planet while accepting that many are not using the wholeness framework only because no one has shown them yet.

Can you help us move the needle?

It starts with you.  Will you explore using Wholeness as a framework for building your life? Will you share it with one other person?  Remember the “Six degrees of separation”?  If you start using Wholeness as a framework for living and then share it with one other–how long will it take before all 7 billion know this?  I have no idea–but the sooner you get started, the quicker we will get there!