I was at the gym this morning and a man walked up to me and said “I think you have the happiest face of anyone in this gym.  You are always smiling when you work out!”

I laughed and said,  “Thanks and that yes, I’m probably one of the few people in the gym who really likes working out. I decided long ago that if I’m going to be here on a regular basis, I may as well enjoy it and I do!”  He nodded and said he did too and then walked off.

Then I started reflecting and realized–here it is the middle of December which means in just a little over three weeks the gym will be flooded with people who, once again, are going to try to get in shape, lose weight and live up to their New Year’s resolution.clip-art-yoga-518279  Unfortunately most are going to do this begrudgingly as they come in resigned that they should do this instead of joyous that they want to do this.  And with this attitude, they’ll last about three months and we’ll never see most of them again.  The fitness industry actually depends on this for if everyone who bought a gym membership actually used it consistently, the gyms would so full it would be impossible to work out!

But this year could be different for you!  Instead of the 0-5 reactive choice  to getting healthy, try the 6-10 proactive choice! That’s what Life Puzzle making is all about–choosing to build an on-going, growing life adventure.  People who choose to build a life accept that regular exercise makes it all so much easier and they come to the gym (or whatever exercise you like–walking, yoga, etc.) with a joy to be there because they know the benefits impact so many other parts of their life too.

So this year–try loving exercise for the whole year!