In a world where we often feel powerless, the efforts we make to eat healthy, good and nutritious food is a statement of power.  It isn’t easy to do this because  grocery shelves are filled with lots of processed foods, fast food restaurants are on every corner and our fast paced lifestyles can quickly undermine our best intentions of eating a healthy diet.

The second you decide to own this area of your Life Puzzle, you change your life story forever. 


What could be healthier than fresh veggies!


 The commitment to do this is truly a commitment to building wholeness and in the process you empower your SELF to be in charge of your life and its health.  It is a life-long commitment, a daily awareness and the outcomes are tremendous.  Yet so few people really make the connection that the foods they eat result in a high energy life or a low energy life.  Mostly that’s because most people eat such poor diets resulting in lowered energy but they’re surrounded by millions just like them so nothing seems out of the ordinary. But when you change your diet and stick with it for a year or more, one day you’ll wake up to realize how different your approach to life is and how much more energized you are.

Recently I ran into a client I had not seen for at least five years.  She confirmed for me that the diet changes she’d made as a result of our work continued to be actively used on a daily basis.  She felt great, she’d lost 9 lbs which may not seem like a lot but that correlated with a toned body from regular yoga and bike riding too.  And it was she who said, “I would never have believed that changing my diet would rewrite my life story but it did!”. She went on to say that as challenging as it was in the early months of  changing her diet,  she is so glad she hung on and stuck with it.  Little by little as her health improved, her energy increased and that impacted her capacity to exercise more consistently.  She realized that good food and consistent exercise  helped her to manage her moods better and literally cut the cord between emotional eating as a quick fix . Once she broke that dependency, then the vision of owning her wholeness and building a life of her own design took off.  Today she’s working in a highly stressful job but with good food and regular exercise she can handle it and then some!

She shook her head and said, “The scary thing is I don’t know what my life would be like now if I was still eating that junk food diet but I’m sure it would not be the vibrant life I’m creating now.  I look back and remember my old tired self (she’s only 26!) and am glad she’s gone, but I also know how easily I could still be in that story.  Most of my friends still have not made the connection between food and their life and continue to eat the typical American diet.  And it’s not pretty!”

We laughed on one level and cringed at another.  With obesity rates skyrocketing and Type II Diabetes at near epidemic levels, too many life stories are stuck in reactive, unconscious patterns as they’re unaware of how, by simply by owning this piece of their Life Puzzle everything could change.

What about your Life Story?