buddha-mdThe other day I was watching TV and a commercial came on highlighting a series of “experts” that were offering a daylong event.  They were shown talking to a large auditorium of people sitting rapturously as they waited for the wisdom to be imparted that they felt would change their lives.

It occurred to me that I’ve watched this scenario now for decades.  Audiences file in to hear some thought leader and then buy their books and hope to change their lives.  And yet, those very same thought leaders are still on stage essentially saying the same thing again and again.  And I thought–if what they’re saying really works, why haven’t we all gotten it by now and found our way?

The larger question, however, may be why we don’t feel confident to be our own thought leader? Why are we looking outside ourselves instead of inside? One answer of course is that we grow up being dependent on parents, teachers, ministers, rabbis, etc.so we get accustomed to looking outward.   But why are we still looking outside our SELF at 30, 45 or 60? Why don’t we trust that we can be our own guru?

That was my intention with Life Puzzle.  To give clients the tools so they can look within and discover that they are their own thought leader for their own lives.  In other words–GURU YOU!  Because the person who can best direct your life should be YOU.  Trusting your SELF to have a vision of wholeness (and that’s all the Life Puzzle really is–a vision for what a whole life looks like).  And from that vision, you trust your SELF to learn what you need to fill in the 5 edges as well as the 16 core areas of your life.

Yes, some of those experts above might give you some good information but they can’t give you the most important thing of all–YOU.  The Life Puzzle is a framework that helps you own your SELF.  But it too requires you to take responsibility for deciding which information works for you and how you want to activate it in your life.  As you fill in your Life Puzzle’s 16 core areas and 5 edges, you’ll discover you do have the capacity to be your own GURU and it is a fun and wonderful way to lives your life!