Artificial Intelligence is here! Are you letting it demolish yours?

The new sitcom FAM had a promo spot where a teenager, being told to do her math homework, says to her sister (and I’m paraphrasing here), “Why should I when I have this?”  She points to her Iphone and says, “All I have to do is ask this lady Siri.  This lady knows the answer to everything!”   It’s a hilarious spot and yet……there’s a moment when it kind of hits you–ooh, is this a good thing after all?  Who wants to learn math…right?

The reality is that Artificial Intelligence is here.  Amazon’s Alexa can call for a restaurant reservation, order your groceries, turn on music and answer any question you ask that is data based.  The genie is out of the bottle and there is no putting it back.  And there are many wonderful benefits that come with it.  At the same time, YOU have to make a decision as to how AI fits into your Life Puzzle!  It is so easy to let AI do so much of your thinking for you and without even realizing it, you lose your ability to think for your SELF.  Simple example?  How many phone numbers can you remember of close family members?  We don’t dial numbers anymore, do we?  AI has stored that number behind a name so all you have to recall is the name of the person you want to talk to.  But what happens when you need to call that person and you don’t have your phone?  You can borrow someone else’s phone–but you can’t dial the number.  Clear example of use it or lose it.

We are now being inundated with AI and here at the Life Puzzle Center, we want you to stop for a second and make a choice.  How do you want AI to work in your life?  Before you ‘outsource’ your life to machines that seem to make life easier, you need to determine if it is actually adding to your Life Puzzle and wholeness.  Handing your life over to AI puts you on the 0-5 side of the Wholeness Continuum–reactive, unconscious and a victim to AI programming that you had nothing to do with.  AI will be more than happy to manage your life for you (and for the benefit of the corporations who are developing these tools!).  It will answer every question you have and choose for you too. But are they really the choices you want? AI would say yes–that it has run an algorithm on everything you want and knows you better than, um…you.

The other option?  Becoming more proactive, conscious and aware of how you use AI to benefit your pathway to wholeness.  In this case you consciously choose what AI tools you’ll use and which you won’t.  And when you won’t?  It’s because you can see that using it disrupts your capacity to own your wholeness, own your life.   The sooner you do this, the better.  AI is going to continue to proliferate into so many parts of your life but it will never be able to be the unique, conscious YOU.  YOU are unique and your wholeness is your own journey–don’t outsource it to Artificial Intelligence!  Trust your own Intelligence and then use it every day!  If that means learning again the 5 most important phone numbers in your Iphone and then actually dialing them by hand once in a while, then do it.  A simple example yes–but it says that you’re in charge–not AI.  There will be many other small things that AI can quickly do for you–but you might choose to use simply because you want to stay in charge of your wholeness!

Don’t outsource your Life to AI.  It is so much fun to do it your SELF!