One of the tools in Life Puzzle-making is called the Choosing Continuum. The 0-10 Continuum moves us from reactive to proactive.  0-5 is more reactive, 6-10 more proactive.

IE-Logo-adjusted.jpgj0341845On a personal level, the Choosing Continuum helps us see how we respond to our lives and the challenges that we’re confronted with on a daily basis.  Most of us “choose” the 0-5–reactive side of the Continuum. We tend to look for a quick fix solution.  We do this  because that’s what we see around us growing up.  Businesses, the medical systems, schools, families etc., are 0-5, “wait til it’s broke, then fix it”.  And that’s because 0-5 people build 0-5 systems which then further reinforces 0-5 people!  It’s  a cycle that just keeps repeating itself.  But as you can imagine–a 0-5 world doesn’t produce the best outcomes.

And so that’s the question–can we switch?

Can we shift to 6-10 and learn how to be proactive?  That’s the challenge we’re always working on at Life Puzzle.  Showing people the Choosing Continuum and asking–if you’re 0-5, that’s okay. But might you want to try 6-10 instead?

Many people find the Choosing Continuum helps them to awaken to their own lives but even more so–to the world around them. If 85% of the world is 0-5…what would happen if 85% of the world was 6-10?

Let’s work together to find out!