If you are interested in private sessions, please contact me via email: or call me 919 518 3717.

I work exclusively now online using a variety of different platforms: Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout.  Together we determine the one you want to use.  Some people also opt for phone sessions only, though I much prefer the opportunity for us to see each other.  Especially since I like to work with the Life Puzzle magnet board and other visual tools.

These are 1 hour sessions and enable us to work with each other in private from the comfort of your own home.  Technology has enabled this as an effective option that you can now take advantage of.  It saves you time and the cost of driving to an office while offering a very powerful opportunity to work on issues that are important to you.

I generally encourage clients to commit to four sessions and after that, assess what is needed.  The Life Puzzle enables us to work from a practical, tangible and solution focused manner and many find that in just four sessions they can create significant change for their lives.

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