Life Puzzle…putting the pieces together is a book about “wholeness”.

When I wrote it, I realized that there were a million books covering individual pieces of our life-dieting, communication, marriage, parenting, etc. But we basically had no books showing the whole picture of one’s life–and how each of those pieces fit together.  

What I realized too is that far too many people were ‘fixing a piece’ and then somehow thinking that this would solve the whole puzzle of their life.  It doesn’t!  Frustratingly, people discovered that the perfect diet, somehow didn’t solve marriage issues or make one a better communicator. Being the perfect mom didn’t make issues of financial responsibility or spirituality fall magically into place.

Life Puzzle...putting the pieces together

A guide for putting your Life together!

What was missing was the picture of wholeness.  If you begin with the whole in mind, then your focus becomes about building a whole and dynamic life–not about fixing one or two areas.  It might seem that the ‘whole’ is too much, too big, too hard to work on all at once.  In reality, when you have the whole in mind, it makes every effort you make in your life have meaning.  The result isn’t so much about fixing a problem anymore–its about building a life!

The book is available in paperback or Ebook formats.  If you are interested in purchasing, please contact us at and we will process the order.

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