A framework for wholeness: Life Puzzle

Life Puzzle is a ‘framework’ for building your whole life. There are 16 core areas, 5 edges that create the SELF that make up this framework.  Every human has the same 16 core areas and 5 edges of SELF, yet no two of us will put these pieces together in exactly the same way.  Thus, we have a common bond or framework that helps us to understand every human being we meet, yet at the same time, we are all unique.Life Puzzle

The 16 core areas are:

  1. Self-responsibility
  2. Nutrition
  3. Exercise
  4. Feelings
  5. Thinking
  6. Communication
  7. Relationships/Partnerships
  8. Sexuality
  9. Parenting/family
  10. Community
  11. Work
  12. Play
  13. Financial responsibility
  14. Special Challenges
  15. Spirituality/values
  16. Finding Meaning (living life in relationship to the reality of death)

Every piece impacts that whole: If you are ignoring one of the 16 core areas, it will impact the whole. For example–a poor diet can lead to mental and physical health problems.  Depression is one outcome of a poor diet.  When we’re depressed our ‘feeling’ area is impacted–but it can also impact how we communicate to self and others; this can impact our relationships at home and work as well.  So you can see, if we ignore our diet, our thoughts, feelings, relationships etc., are impacted too.  Improve your diet and you’ll improve these other areas too.

A piece at a time, with the whole in mind:  While we can’t work on every area of our life at the same time, whenever we are working on one area do it with the awareness of how it impacts the whole you are becoming.  For example, you may be focusing on your spiritual piece yet keeping in mind how this connects you to community and the environment–all a part of a spiritual connection to the divine spirit.


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