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Triangle Whole, Well & Good is all about helping you build your life on a framework of wholeness!  We provide coaching/counseling, books and trainings for individual and small groups.  As well, we are continually developing a Triangle Resource list of local businesses that can provide services and products to further your pathway to wholeness.

The Life Puzzle was created by Ann Kramer, Ed. S LPC.  Life Puzzle is the framework we use to help you build a whole and dynamic life.  Imagine your life as a life long process of putting the pieces together.The Life Puzzle framework is the “picture on the outside of your box”.  A piece at a time with the whole in mind!

Wholeness: 16 core areas and 5 edges that create the SELF.

Everyone’s Life Puzzle has 16 core areas and 5 edges that create the SELF–but no two of us will put them together in exactly the same way.  So, Life Puzzle is a general framework–and each of us will tweak it the way that is right for us!  Thus, we have a common bond with every other human being on the planet–and yet, each of us is unique.

Throughout this site, you’ll find information and ideas to help you add more pieces to your own Life Puzzle and in the process create your own whole and dynamic life!

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